Everything you need to know about Summit One Vanderbilt Tickets

A trip to New York is incomplete without visiting the city’s fantastic collection of observation decks.

As one of the latest addition, Summit One Vanderbilt takes the thrill of observation decks to a new level.

Perched at 1020 feet, the Summit is one of the tallest vantage points in New York City.

Strategically located in midtown Manhattan, the Summit One Vanderbilt offers the perfect view over all five city boroughs.

Enjoy the state of art observatory with the best One Vanderbilt tickets.

Tickets for Summit One Vanderbilt

Are you planning to visit Summit One Vanderbilt and looking for the best tickets? 

There is a range of Summit One Vanderbilt tickets with different benefits, combinations and inclusions. 

The Summit One Vanderbilt experience ticket lets the guests enjoy easy access to 3 levels of the observatory deck on a self-guided tour. 

With this ticket, visitors can access Transcendence 1, Transcendence 2 and all the rooms within. 

If you wish to try the Summit Ascent – the glass elevator, purchase the upgraded Summit One Vanderbilt elevator tickets at the observatory deck.

For all the visitors who would like to visit multiple attractions in New York City, a variety of combination tickets for One Vanderbilt are available. 

Summit One Vanderbilt + Empire State Building ticket provides access to two of the best observatory decks housed in New York City. 

This next ticket is your perfect match for all art lovers planning their visit.

Visit the Museum of Modern Art and Summit One Vanderbilt with one combination ticket that offers the best experience of both attractions. 

For a unique experience, get yourself the Summit One Vanderbilt and Madame Tussauds bundle ticket. 

Alternatively, if you plan to spend a laid-back NYC evening, then Summit One Vanderbilt + Central Park ticket is your best match. 

Summit One Vanderbilt ticket prices 

The ticket prices vary depending on the tour type, age group, inclusions and benefits. 

The Summit One Vanderbilt tickets costs are as follows:

TicketTicket price
Entry ticket$46 to $52
Summit One Vanderbilt + Museum of Modern Art $50 to $66
Summit One Vanderbilt + Empire State Building $41 to $48
Summit One Vanderbilt + Central Park$73 to $83
Summit One Vanderbilt + Madame Tussauds$100 to $111

Summit One Vanderbilt tickets discount

The Summit One Vanderbilt tickets price varies depending on the age group of visitors and the combination of attractions.  

Despite seasonal offers and combinations, age-based discounts are available on specific Summit tickets. 

This offer is generally available for infants, children, youth, students and senior citizens. 

Most of the tickets are free for visitors below the age of 5. 

Students aged 18 to 25 and senior citizens above 65 enjoy One Summit Vanderbilt discount tickets.

Why are online Summit One Vanderbilt tickets better

You can get entry tickets to Summit One Vanderbilt both onsite and online. 

If you are considering buying the One Vanderbilt Summit tickets online, there are some things to remember. 

First, the ticket counters have long queues and waiting times. 

Even after this hassle, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to secure a ticket for your preferred timeslot. 

During the peak tourist season, the waiting period at the ticket counter can go upto an hour or two. 

Hence, purchasing Summit One Vanderbilt tickets online is the most convenient and cost-effective choice. 

Online tickets cost less than onsite tickets and also offer tickets at discounted rates.

By purchasing online Summit One Vanderbilt tickets, you can save time and money, secure your preferred timeslot and skip last-minute disappointments. 

How do online tickets work?

Purchasing the Summit One Vanderbilt entrance tickets online is as easy as any other online purchase.  

Once your purchase is complete, the tickets will be sent over email. 

Enjoy your visit to Summit One Vanderbilt by presenting the online ticket at the counter.

Remember to arrive 15 minutes earlier than your pre-booked time slot to finish the identification process and security check. 

Visitors should also note that if they miss their pre-booked time slot, rescheduling is subject to availability and is expensive.

What to expect 

The Summit experience begins right from arrival at NYC’s famous Grand Central Station, located beneath One Vanderbilt. 

From the time visitors scan their Summit One Vanderbilt tickets at the gate until they reach the top of the building, it could take around 20 to 30 minutes. 

During this time, watch a short promotional video, Celebration, highlighting the features of the Summit observatory. 

Tourists get photographs here which can be purchased at the end of their visit to the observatory. 

After the security checks, all visitors are provided with shoe covers before entering the elevator. 

You can also get a pair of sunglasses here if you don’t have one. 

The elevator ride is an immersive exhibit on its own and takes the visitors to the 91st floor in just 42 seconds. 

On the 91st floor, explore the 65000 square foot, mirrored, multi-level observation deck called the Transcendence 1

Try the unique Portals at One Summit, a mirrored portal resembling a kaleidoscope. 

From this floor, you can view the scenic NYC skyline featuring iconic buildings like Chrysler, Empire State Building, the Huson Yards and more.  

From Transcendence 1, move to Reflect, a small room featuring an art installation called Cloud, designed by Yayoi Kusama. 

Following Reflect, Affinity welcomes visitors with dozens of giant silver balloons floating around. 

Once you move out of Affinity, head one floor above to Transcendence 2 and look into the mirrored space of Transcendence 1.

There are various experiential rooms on this level, like Levitation and Unity. 

Levitation features two glass extensions nestled 1063 feet above the ground level and offers the most thrilling sightseeing experience in NYC. 

In Unity, visitors can scan wristbands and watch their faces appear on the Clouds across the windows. 

After a treat to your eyes, it’s time to enjoy a treat for your appetite. 

Climb one level above and taste the best culinary experience at the Apres

With an indoor lounge and outdoor terrace space, this is the perfect place to rest, rewind and enjoy the views.

If you think the Summit One Vanderbilt experience ends here, there is more!

Lastly, visitors can ascend to the highest spot of One Vanderbilt at 1210 feet through the Ascent elevator.

The elevator provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the city from a unique vantage point. 

The elevator pauses for a minute for the guests to cherish the views before going back down.

What a brilliant experience the Summit is! The ads don’t do it justice, it is spectacular on every level. We went for sunset and the views of the sun going down over the city was just fantastic.We then went out on the verandah with a cocktail to top the visit off. It is one of the best 2 hours spent in NYC.

Tanya B, TripAdvisor

Best time to visit Summit One Vanderbilt

The Summit One Vanderbilt is one of the most sought-after observatory decks in New York, offering a unique experience at any time of the day. 

However, sunset is undoubtedly one of the best times to visit Summit One Vanderbilt. 

During these hours, witness the sun painting the city of yellow, red and orange tones. 

Also, the observation deck’s glass floor reflects the light during this time, creating a beautiful spectrum of colors as the sun sets down the horizon. 

Extend the stay further to watch the city sparkle with lights. 

If you want to visit when there is less crowd, the best time to Summit One Vanderbilt is at 9 am during the initial opening hours.

Now that you know when you can have the best experience, get the Summit One Vanderbilt

Visitors can also avail of combination tickets to visit multiple attractions with one site to make the most of their NYC trip. 

How long does it take to tour Summit One Vanderbilt

It takes 90 minutes to visit Summit One Vanderbilt.

However, we suggest tourists plan for a two- to three-hour visit to experience everything Summit One Vanderbilt offers. 

This time is required to explore the three levels at Summit One Vanderbilt and the six immersive spaces. 

Visitors who visit during sunset tend to spend an hour longer to witness twilight set over the NYC skyline. 

If the Summit is crowded, an additional half an hour is required to clear security checks and take the elevator to the observation deck. 


How much does the Summit One Vanderbilt ticket cost?

The Summit One Vanderbilt Experience ticket costs $52 for adults (13 to 99 years) and $46 for youth (6 to 12 years). 

Children below the age of 5 enjoy free admission to One Vanderbilt.  

Can you buy Summit One Vanderbilt tickets at the door?

You can buy the Summit One Vanderbilt observatory deck tickets at One Vanderbilt.

However, buying a ticket for your preferred time slot is difficult due to high demand and long queues. 

Hence we suggest you buy your NYC Summit One Vanderbilt tickets online.

Is Summit One Vanderbilt worth it?

Summit One Vanderbilt is one of the latest observatory decks of New York City and offers an unparallel experience. 

It is more than just an observation deck; the Summit is an immersive art installation. 

With a prime location in Midtown Manhattan, it offers the best views and close proximity to the most happening things to do in Big Apple.

Does Summit One Vanderbilt offer a military discount?

Summit One Vanderbilt offers complimentary entry for all present and retired United States Armed Forces Members. 

Four guests of a military family can also avail 50% discount on the Summit entry ticket.

Is One Vanderbilt better at night?

The best time to visit Summit One Vanderbilt is mornings and before sunset. 

Enjoy the most unique experience at the Summit One Vanderbilt during sunset and night. 

With the sun below the horizon, you can view the city without harsh sunlight reflecting through the glass observatory. 

However, it is true that Summit One Vanderbilt at night is an experience worth cherishing for a lifetime as you can watch the NYC city illuminate and glow in its glory. 

Does New York Pass include access to Summit One Vanderbilt?

No, Summit One Vanderbilt is not included in the New York Pass.

Visitors must purchase the One Vanderbilt ticket to enjoy the observation deck. 

How long can you stay at Summit One Vanderbilt?

With a Summit One Vanderbilt experience ticket, one can stay at the Summit for 2 hours. 

Are the Summit One Vanderbilt tickets refundable?

Once you have paid for the Summit One Vanderbilt tickets, you can cancel them but not get a refund. 

However, you can change the date and time of your visit. 

What is One Vanderbilt Summit’s rain policy?

The One Vanderbilt is an all-weather experience; hence, the ticket will not be canceled or refunded. 

Does Summit one Vanderbilt offer a student discount?

Summit One Vanderbilt currently does not offer any student discounts. 

Children under 5 and military officials enjoy free entry to the observation deck. 

What are timed tickets and how do they work?

A timed ticket system allows management to control the number of visitors at a particular time in the observatory deck. 

Visitors can select their preferred time slot while purchasing the entry ticket.

The ticket is now timed and the buyer can visit the observatory deck only during the selected time slot. 

Some of the best Summit One Vanderbilt tickets are as follows:

Entry ticket: Time ticket to enjoy fast and easy access to the Summit observatory deck

Summit One Vanderbilt + Museum of Modern Art: Combination ticket to visit both locations with one ticket.

Summit One Vanderbilt + Empire State Building:  Visit the best observatory decks in NYC with one ticket.

Summit One Vanderbilt + Central Park: Ticket for the best evening in NYC. 

Summit One Vanderbilt + Madame Tussauds: Enjoy visiting the best observatory deck and museum in New York. 

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