Summit One Vanderbilt at Night


The New York skyline is forever changed by the awe-inspiring SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. 

This iconic addition to the heart of Manhattan stands tall and proud and at night, it illuminates the cityscape with its majestic presence. 

With its grandeur, the building shines with a brilliance that is sure to take your breath away. 

Get ready to be amazed as we explore Summit One Vanderbilt at night.

Summit One Vanderbilt at night

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Views from Summit One Vanderbilt at night

Perched atop one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city at 1401 feet, the Summit offers fantastic views of the entire city. 

Visiting SUMMIT One Vanderbilt at night gives an unforgettable experience, with a stunning 360-degree view of New York City all lit up. 

The lights of the city create a magical atmosphere inside the glass rooms of Summit One Vanderbilt at night

From Madison Avenue to the Statue of Liberty, visitors can enjoy everything the city contains. 

Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Hudson Yards, One World Trade Center, Chrysler Building and more illuminate the skyline for the most picturesque view. 

Summit One Vanderbilt experience at night

Summit One Vanderbilt offers various immersive experiences spreading over 3 floors. 

Indeed one of the best times to visit Summit One Vanderbilt is at night.

Visitors can explore multiple exhibits and observatory decks from the 91st to 93rd floors. 

Visitors start the experience at the Air, a glass enclosure at Summit One Vanderbilt built to transport visitors to a dreamlike world.

It reflects light scatterers into various colors, creating a soothing effect on the eyes. 

Yayoi Kusama’s Clouds sculptures on the same level add to the surreal atmosphere, resembling colorful stones on the ground. 

Transcendence, the observatory deck,  further amplifies the visitor’s experience as they are taken to an imaginary realm of bridges and buildings all drenched in vivid shades. 

On the next level, visitors enjoy Levitation, a sky box that lets them stand on a ledge to watch the city illuminate and shine in its glory. 

The best experience of Summit is Ascent, a glass elevator. 

The elevator takes guests up to 1200 feet, where they can admire the Statue of Liberty and other landmarks glistening under the moonlight. 

The walls of The Air, Transcendence, Levitation, and Ascent are further filled with sound and colors, making it seem as though a swirling whirlpool of the city surrounds visitors. 

The glass panels reflect and cast Manhattan in a different light, allowing visitors to experience a spectacular optical illusion during the night.

Summit One Vanderbilt – day or night?

summit one day vs night

The views from Summit One Vanderbilt observatory decks are breathtaking and mesmerizing day and night. 

When to visit Summit One Vanderbilt – day or night- the answer depends on your preferred experience. 

A day visit is the best for tourists visiting a New York observation deck for the first time. 

We suggest you buy the daytime ticket to the Summit One Vanderbilt and plan your visit before 3 pm. 

This lets you enjoy the iconic buildings and skyline more clearly. 

If you have already been to a New York observatory deck or seen the signature skyline of NYC, then spending the night at Summit One Vanderbilt is the best thing to do.

With a nighttime ticket to the Summit, you can enjoy a romantic and secluded experience. 

With less crowd on the observation deck and the city shining in lights, visiting the Summit One Vanderbilt at night will give you a trip worth cherishing.

Some of the best Summit One Vanderbilt tickets are as follows:

Entry ticket: Summit One Vanderbilt experience ticket is the basic entry ticket to secure your admission.

Summit One Vanderbilt + Museum of Modern Art: Buy a combination ticket to Summit One Vanderbilt and Museum of Modern Art.

Summit One Vanderbilt + Empire State Building:  Experience NYC from the iconic observatory decks with the same ticket.

Summit One Vanderbilt + Central Park: Stroll around Central Park and Summit One Vanderbilt.  

Summit One Vanderbilt + Madame Tussauds: Visit the new age observatory deck and the popular Madame Tussauds with the combo ticket.

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