Summit One Vanderbilt Elevator


Summit One Vanderbilt elevator experience is a must-try for all visitors.

There are 2 elevators at Summit One Vanderbilt.

One of the elevators takes the visitors from the ground floor to the observation deck on the 93rd floor. 

The second elevator, Ascent, takes guests from the 93rd floor to the highest point of the building. 

Ascent is an outdoor glass elevator known for being the best viewpoint in Summit One Vanderbilt and New York City. 

Summit One Vanderbilt elevator to the observation deck

The first elevator, Rise, starts at the ground level in Grand Central Station, beneath the One Vanderbilt building. 

Visitors are welcomed to the building by a short video called Celebration before they board the elevator.  

Visitors are then provided with shoe coverings to get into the elevator. 

The Summit One Vanderbilt elevator is an exhibit by itself featuring a light show. 

The elevator takes 42 seconds to reach the 91st floor. 

The 91st floor is an observation deck featuring immersive experiences like Transcendence 1, Reflect and Affinity.

The elevator then takes you to the 92nd floor, the highest observation deck of Summit One Vanderbilt. 

Here you can enjoy Transcendence 2, Levitation and Unity. 

The final stop of the elevator is on the 93rd floor

Get off the 93rd floor to enjoy a delicious menu at  Apres, Summit One Vanderbilt’s restaurant

From here, you can take the Ascent. 

Note: All visitors must purchase the Summit One Vanderbilt ticket to enter the observation deck.

However, this ticket does not provide access to the Ascent.

Visitors need to upgrade their ticket in the observation deck to take the Summit One Vanderbilt glass elevator. 

Summit One Vanderbilt Glass Elevator – Ascent 

This is also called the Summit One Vanderbilt glass elevator.

This glass elevator functions outside the building and rises to 1,210 feet (369 m) above the New York City street level. 

The Summit One Vanderbilt ascent elevator soars 131 feet (12.2 m) from the 93rd floor. 

Two Ascent elevators in the building are built to provide an unparalleled perspective of the city.

Features of Ascent

The glass elevator has an invisible heating system for a comfortable ride and clear view throughout the year, irrespective of the climate. 

The elevator is made of glass on all sides to ensure uninterrupted views. 

Moreover, the Summit One Vanderbilt elevator speed is 83 feet (25 m) per minute. 

This slow speed allows the elevator visitors to enjoy the views with ease. 

You need not be worried about the safety of the glass elevator.

The trackway of the elevator is made of the strongest stainless steel and tight tolerance by Cimolai Technology. 

The Summit One Vanderbilt elevator can travel 50 meters per hour and withstand wind up to 100 meters per hour. 

Architects of Summit One elevator

Cimolai Technology designs Summit One Vanderbilt elevators.

They designed the two glass elevators, drive mechanism and trackway connected. 

Cimolai technology integrates the elevator to the building. 

They ensured that the elevator was made with the strongest stainless steel.

The Summit One Vanderbilt elevator has a high weight and wind-bearing capacity. 


1. Is Summit One Vanderbilt elevator worth it?

Summit One Vanderbilt elevators are an experience on their own. 

The glass elevator Ascent is a thrilling ride from the 93rd floor to the top viewpoint of the One Vanderbilt building. 

This elevator gives the best panoramic view of NYC from 1210 feet (369 meters) above the street level. 

Overall, the Summit One Vanderbilt elevator is worth it.

2. How high is the elevator at Summit One Vanderbilt?

The Summit One Vanderbilt glass elevator – Ascent travels from the 93rd floor of the building, 1210 feet above the street level.

3. How fast is the elevator in Summit One Vanderbilt?

The elevator speed is 83 feet (25 m) per minute. 

The slow speed of the elevator ensures a safe and comfortable ride to view the city from the height. 

The elevator is designed to travel at 50 meters per hour and withstand wind up to 100 meters per hour. 

4. How long is the One Vanderbilt elevator ride?

The glass elevator experience is for 2 minutes. 

The Ascent glass elevator takes visitors from the 93rd floor to the highest viewing point and the total ride lasts 2 minutes. 

5. What are the Summit One Vanderbilt elevator timings?

The Summit One Vanderbilt glass elevator timings are the same as the opening hours of the observation deck.

The glass elevator operates from 9 am to 12 am every day. It is closed on Tuesdays. 

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